Ifa/Orisha Consultation

Ifa Consultation also known as Ifa Reading or Ifa Divination is a way of consulting Ifa oracle to reveal some hidden information about human lives. Ifa Consultation would guide you on the direction at which you should go in life. Ifa reading exposes bad energies in your life. With Ifa Reading, you will be able to fight all the bad energies that are wagging against you with Ebo or Etutu known as Sacrifice. With Ifa reading, what you need to do in order for you to be successful in life would be revealed.

We have a number of authentic Babalawos and other Orisha Priests and Priestesses in Yorubaland, Nigeria on our list. We visited them and interviewed them in video form which were posted on our YouTube Channel.

Any of them would be selected to carry out Ifa Reading for you with the use of Zoom Video Chat. You can equally select your choice from the above video links. We coordinate the entire process for you and your privacy is key to us.

There is nothing to worry about.


Watch Below Videos for more Directives on Ifa/Orisha Consultation: