Yoruba Traditional Ways on How to Treat Stroke

Yoruba Traditional Ways on How to Treat Stroke

 GET A BETTER LIFE TV is a platform where we promote African culture, tradition and religion. Our main focus is to ensure that Africans benefit from their own heritage. So, we have done our research to know one of the traditional ways to treat stroke.

As you know that stroke, also known as a brain attack, occurs when there is a reduction in oxygen to the brain. A stroke can result in long-term brain damage, disability, or death.

Before the western education knowledge, our ancestors heal with herbal medicine. Our culture and tradition are extremely important to us. Our forefathers lived healthier and longer lives because they used herbal medicine and ate mostly natural and organic foods.

 A life-threatening situation can be avoided with an immediate emergency care. Get a Better Life TV restores and preserves our culture and tradition by searching for ways to treat stroke and other illnesses.

Below are the material needed for treating stroke as explained in the above video and on Get a Better Life TV YouTube Channel. CLICK ON EACH  OF THE ITEMS TO ORDER THEM ON GET A BETTER LIFE TV STORE

Ewe esinsin funfun 
Alubosa wewe
Obi abata
Ata wewe
• Eran elede tutu


Pack everything (the above items) together and grind them smoothly.


• Add one spoon daily inside pap (Ogi) for consumption.
• Repeat the intake for one week

NOTE: It is forbidden with a bad repercussion to sell it after grinding all the items together. You can only give it out for free.

For more information on the usage, click below:

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