Meet Osun Priestess in Nigeria (Ero town, Ondo State), Osunbukola Ifasemilore.

Meet Osun Priestess in Nigeria (Ero town, Ondo State), Osunbukola Ifasemilore.

(SINGING ORISHA OSUN SONG - click here to listen).

My name is Iya Osun Osunbukola Ifasemilore, the wife of Ogundeire.

When did you start as a follower of Orisha Osun?

It's been a while I was told my path is Osun, but I didn't accept. But when I saw one or two things, I later agreed that delivering of people is my path. I was told if I don't do the job of delivering people, I can't be successful. I was once a medicine vendor. Then, my medication used to be very accurate. Because I am a powerful person but unknown to me then. But when I faced some challenges, it was then I agreed with my boss to follow this path. Since I agreed to follow Orisha Osun, she has been supporting me to heal people. My water's name is called "Ogboo." Also, my husband's water's name is Ogboo as my husband is also Osun follower whose name is Oba Adebanji Ogundeire, he is the king of Ogboni Confraternity in Ondo State, Nigeria. He is also an Orisha Osun follower.

Since I have accepted to follow Orisha Osun, I have been solving barrenness problems in women. So my own Osun water performs miracles, which is the water of my husband's linage, which is the Ogboo water I earlier mentioned. My main area of specialization is barrenness.

Who is Orisha Osun?

Orisha Osun is a kind mother with many children.

Are all flowing water Orisha Osun's water?

Not all flowing water is Orisha Osun water. Drainage water does not belong to Orisha Osun water. Whoever is a child of Osun would feel the sign whenever she's closed to Orisha Osun's water.

What are the benefits of worshipping Orisha Osun?

The benefits are many. Because we own wealth. Whoever recognizes us would be rich. Whoever follows us as he or she follows God won't lack finances.

What are the offering materials for Orisha Osun?

They are, Beans cake, Pap, Beans floor, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Sweet, Chewing gum, and so on.

How do you worship Orisha Osun?

First of all, when we get to her river, we praise her, wherever she is, she would come out. So that whatever we want to use as offerings would be accepted. We have to, first of all, praise her. An example of my own praise: I do shake my hand bell like this.

(PRAISING ORISHA OSUN - click here to listen).

What's the difference between Iya Olosun and Iyanifa?

It's like the wife is the Osun while the husband is Babalawo. Though the wife of Orunmila is known as Apetebi, Osun is a wife, also Apetebi is a wife.

How do you demand something from Orisha Osun?

It is not difficult, whenever you want to demand something, you will have to go to her with food to give her. Then you have to promise her you will do more when you get what you asked. This would enable her to quickly do what you asked for.

Will Orisha Osun harm someone who promised and failed?

No, Osun does not harm at all. But she would always come around to remind you instead of harming you. She can come to the person in his or her dream or come physically. She would keep reminding the person instead of harming them.

Do you believe in God?

Yes, God exists. Whenever we wake up, we first of all greet God before we go to our Orisha. Because God is the creator of Orisha Osun and ourselves.

Why did you choose this path?

It is my destiny. Since I've known this is my path, I stopped going to church. I was told I should be wearing white. Then I joined white a garment church. I was even given a title in the church. Upon that, I wasn't fulfilled. So I followed this path, I was delivered.

Is it true that followers of Orishas would be punished in heaven?

Nobody can judge. Our work would judge us. Like we, that do deliver people with water, can God say I should be punished for that? There are some churches that scam people. (I'm not criticizing) But we, the followers of Osun don't deceive people. All true Orisha followers don't lie and scam people.

Sing your Orisha Osun song.

(SINGING ORISHA OSUN SONG - click here to listen).

How can one know the followers of Orisha Osun?

It is our dressing. We do wear white all the time. But some of us who don't wear white usually pay for it. As for me, I was told to always wear white since I was attending cherubim church. And since I've been in my path, I am successful, and my patients get healings. Not by my power but my mother (Orisha Osun).

What are Orisha Osun taboos?

She doesn't like Black cloths, Red Cloths. My own Osun doesn't like Snails. Those are my water's taboos.

Do you have your own personal Orisha Osun?

Sea is our great grandmother with many children and different names.

Who chants "Ore yeye o?"

The Ore Yeye O is a chant for our great grandmother. But I have a separate chant for my own mother, Ore Yeye O is a general chant whenever we are in Osogbo.

What healing do you offer people?

My main area of specialization is a cure for barrenness. Also sexually transmitted diseases for men, medically and spiritually. Thirdly, asthma.



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