Meet Ogboni in Nigeria (Ero Town, Ondo State), King Adebanji Ogundeire Ejiogbe.

Meet Ogboni in Nigeria (Ero Town, Ondo State), King Adebanji Ogundeire Ejiogbe.

Could you please introduce yourself to the viewers?

Thank you. I am King Adebanji Ogundeire Ejiogbe. The king of Ogboni confraternity, Ondo State. The head of Awo of Ero town. The overall head of Ogboni members in Ondo State.

What is the meaning of Ogboni?

The meaning of Ogboni is the religion of truth. They have a relationship and they used to be controllers of the town in the olden days. Like when a king misbehaves, we are the ones they use to report such king to.

Is Ogboni a Traditional Religion?

Yes, since the beginning of this world. It's even in the Bible, in Ezekiel. It is a traditional religion.

Explain, please.

My explanation is that Ogboni came directly from God. What is revealed in the Bible is from God. It can be found in Ezekiel. So it is our ancestral path, inherited from them.

Who can join Ogboni confraternity?

Both males and females can join Ogboni confraternity. But in the olden days, the law said you must be 60 years of age to be able to join Ogboni confraternity. But a child is initiated into Ogboni from the womb. But before the initiation is confirmed, such a child must be 60 years of age. But nowadays, it has changed a little bit. When a child is given birth to now, we do 3 different rites for such a child before he or she becomes Ogboni. But nowadays, we have improved the system. When a child is above 20 years of age - Ogboni Child, mind you, we do initiate such a child, he or she must have been trained before joining us.

Is it true that God says no one should follow any other religion except the Abrahamic Religions?

They are just judging on their own. They are not the judge. These foreign religions are the ones destroying this world. Like a program, I did on OSRC. They asked me, which is the best of the traditions of nowadays and olden days? They are lying to us. They came with bread and collected our yam. The traditional religion is the superior religion for everyone. As you can see, Pastors are the ones snatching the wife of their fellow pastors, whereas, no Ogboni can do such. To the extent that two different Ogboni don't compete. When It's raining and you see your fellow Ogboni inside the rain, you have to join him or her and then get inside together. So traditional religions are good religions. Most especially Ogboni.

We don't lie; we love ourselves, and we understand ourselves. We don't keep malice. So no one comes in between us. We traditional religious followers don't sleep with the wife of our fellow members.

Is it true that money rituals exist?

Yes it exists. Money rituals are categorized into 3, such as osole. One is very hard, I don't do such. Some money rituals are illegal and sinful. Some are legitimate, we make use of animals and herbs for them. It's called cold Osole, it has no side effects, and it gives rest of mind. It's cool money. And such as charm for selling and for increasing the population of the church. Those condemning us come to us for the charm to increase the population of their place of worship. If care is not taken, in fact, they should come out to defend themselves. We fed them and now they are condemning us.

Why is it that some people use their fellow humans for money rituals?

That is what they can do. It can't give them a rest of mind. If you kill your fellow human for money, your children would pay for it, but they don't think twice. This money ritual of a thing started a long time ago in the olden days. Then, they used to kill their fellow humans and dropped at the back of the river. You know we used cowrie shells as currency in the olden days, the shells usually gathered there for them to pick. That was the beginning of money rituals. That's it.

Do you demand from God or Orishas?

Everything God created is good. God created Orunmila. An Odu Ifa says this, when God told 200 Irunmoles on the right and on the left to go and make this world, Orisha Esu is another one. God told 200 Irunmoles on the right and on the left to go and make this world. He (God) told them they should take Orisha Osun along while going. He told them to go and make this world and come back to give the report. They went to make this world but refused to take Orisha Osun along. They got to this world, they started doing as they liked, they could not succeed, they went back to God, they told God that they could not succeed in making this world. God, therefore, asked them if they went with Orisha Osun - they answered no. He instructed them to go back and call Orisha Osun. So when they go to this world, they therefore agreed. They agreed on their schedule of duties department by department.

Ogun made use of his Iron cutlass, Obanifon made use of his own tool, by way of division of labor, they made this world successfully. They now went back to God to give the report about their success in making this world. God Himself sent them. There is nothing like God, all Orishas are from God, we, the followers are from God. Let's check it out. Everyone should explain the ancestors of their lands. Which Angel Gabriel came to the land? Which Prophet Isa came to the land?

Three people are makers of a town. Hunters, Priests (Awo), and the Orishas. Let everybody go to their land and investigate who first existed in their land. Can Samuel come first to exist in our land? So they first existed in our land and they own it. Even the whites that gave us Abrahamic Religions have succeeded in taking Ifa from us. They have taken Ifa from us - Go to Brazil, go to America. I was in Miami, I went to Florida, there are Orisha followers there, but we here (as long as they can make a kiosk); condemn ourselves. Even Muslims don't disturb us like Christians. Even the (Christians) are the ones coming to make charms from us. I beat my chest, we are the ones making charms for them. That is it. They are lying, they are deceivers.

Who are the Orishas?

We (humans) met Orishas on earth. The Orishas are Olokun, Obatala, Ogun Lakaaye Oshinmole, and all the rest of the Orishas have names. Their general name is Orisha, it's like saying a denomination of a church is Anglican etc. But when you say, Churches. So when an Orisha is mentioned, one has to ask, which of the Orisha? Their general name is Orisha.

Who is Irunmole?

Thank you. The Irunmoles are also the Orishas. They are messengers.

Who is Esu? Is he Satan?

(Praising Esu - click here to listen to the praising)

He's a big man. He's not the satan, satan is in abroad. Our own Eshu laalu Okiri Oko, he's over there, he does a big job for us, he owns money. When things are hard and you consult Esu, you will succeed. He provided for Orunmila and Orunmila took care of him. Esu is a good Orisha. Satan is in abroad.

Why are many people staying away from Traditional Believers?

Thank you, it is their hand work that is chasing them. You that you are here, it is because you have no skeleton in your cupboard. If I go to visit someone at home, maybe by tomorrow people are running away from the person, it is because of their bad intentions. If, for instance, a police man came to my house to look for me and didn't meet me, I myself would go to him to ask why he was looking for me because my hands are clean. They say, he who his ways are not pure shakes when something happens. When you know you've stolen something, you won't have a rest of mind when you see a strange sign. So those running away from traditional believers are not feeling fine.

Why are the Abrahamic Religion followers not agreeing with traditionalists?

I'm hearing this from you. They are not disagreeing with us because, we use to sing a song.

(SINGING - click here to listen to the song).

A member of a church was just discharged from my healing center. A child of a pastor. As they are running away from us, whenever they are in problems they run back to us.

Is it true that there is a talking spirit known as "Osanyin"?

(PRAISING OSANYIN - click here to listen to the praising).

Osanyin exists, there are three categories of Osanyin in my family lineage. Osanyin Ita, Osanyin Eletimo, and Osanyin Bolatia, They are the Osanyins, Osanyin exists.

What messages can Osanyin deliver?

Thank you, Osanyin is a witness, he gossips. One of his messages - when someone dies and there is a need to know the cause of the death, Osanyin is the one to be consulted. To make some inquiries on what can happen to someone, Osanyin is consulted. So Osanyin delivers a lot of messages. We do consult Osanyin for directives on one's life journey.

Can Osanyin make one rich?

Yes, he can direct you on how to go about getting rich.

Why are you putting on a crown like a king?

(SINGING TO PRAISE OGBONI - click here to listen to the song).

Thank you, there are differences between us and the king of a town. The king of a town has powers in his town. We (Oba Ogboni) has powers over all Ogboni members. We are Ogboni kings, different from the king of a town. This town has her own king, I am the king of all the Ogboni members in Ondo State (Nigeria). And I have authorities over all the Ogboni members [in Ondo State (Nigeria)]. Ogboni's crown is different from that of kings. The crown of the king of a town is in his palace, our own crowns are with us. And we have staff of office like them. Whoever is not in a leadership position in Ogboni confraternity cannot have a crown and a staff of office.

Our crown has meaning. From the beginning of this world, crown got to them from us. That's why we call them "Aleeba". He ran away with his brother's crown. We own the crown in their hands, then. No king can wear his crown from morning till night, if he does so, he would have headache. We are the ones who can wear crown till day break. Sing that song for me again.

(SINGING TO PRAISE OGBONI CONFRATERNITY - click here to listen to the song).

Thank you. We own our crown from the beginning of creation. We and the kings of towns don't disagree, we are 5 and 6, we don't look into each other faces.

What is your job?

For the benefit of those watching me, none of you would fall sick. I heal a lot of people from sickness. My clients are watching me as I'm talking. They can testify to my claims. I cure stroke, no matter how bad it is. Three days ago, I discharged a brother to one honorable, he walked back home by himself. And many more. I cure barrenness for sure.

We use herbs. We met herbs on earth. We inherited them. Different kinds of illnesses. If one steps on charm, I can cure it. Someone that was just discharged from here, came from the hospital. His vain didn't supply blood, I did it and the vain supplies blood, his wife just called me this morning.

You will have rest of mind. If you are in need of money, come, I will do safe cold "Osole" for you. It is well with you. You won't be broke to live your life.

You word of advice please.

Thank you. My word of advice is that, according to Sunny Ade "don't see us as bad people". We own this world. Whoever refuses to recon with Ogboni, when things get out of hand, they later know us. Come close to us, we are not bad people. We are truthful. Love us the way we love you. Don't use us to preach anymore. When things get out of hand for you, you run to us. Don't use us to preach anymore.

I am Oba Adebanji Ogundeire, the head of priests in Ero town. His Royal Majesty (HRM) Oba Ogboni confraternity in Ondo State (Nigeria). I greet you all that this year would be a joyful year for you.



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