Meet Ifa Olokun Priest in Nigeria (Oba Ile, Ondo State), Chief Olayemi Victor Egbeola.

Meet Ifa Olokun Priest in Nigeria (Oba Ile, Ondo State), Chief Olayemi Victor Egbeola.

Could you please introduce yourself to the viewers?

My name is Chief Olayemi Victor Egbeola. I am a Native Doctor, and I do cast Ifa Olokun to treat all illnesses and diseases affecting mankind with the use of herbs and roots in the Yoruba Traditional means.

What is Ifa Olokun?

Ifa Olokun is what is called cowries. There is a difference between Ifa Olokun and Opele. Mine is Ifa Olokun which I use for a consultation to treat people.

Were you trained on Ifa Olokun Divination?

Thank you, Ifa Olokun is not what one can learn except it is given to such a person. And whoever is chosen by Olokun gets it to heal people. We equally use Ifa Olokun to investigate what is wrong with people, such as sicknesses and diseases of different kinds.

Were you initiated into Ifa Olokun Spirituality?

Thank you, Ifa Olokun is of two categories which I understand very well. Some do learn it and have it. But mine is an inheritance from my Grandfather. I was born into it, I understand it very much. It's a gift from heaven and Grace from God.

Could you differentiate between Ifa Orunmila and Ifa Olokun?

Opele as far am I'm concerned is the husband, it is a chain that Babalawos cast on the floor. There is also Ikin of Opele, that is the husband. Olokun is a wife to Orunmila. So Olokun is the female while Opele is the male. That's the difference.

What is your main area of specialization as a traditionalist?

What I do majorly as a traditionalist is the treatment of different kinds of illnesses. I inherited this power from my grandfather to treat illnesses in the traditional way.

Can you heal all illnesses traditionally?

All humans have one or two illnesses. Just as how the west have their way of treatment, likewise we, traditionalists, have our own means. A saying says, before the existence of corn, chickens had a means of feeding themselves. Before the west medicine came into our land, we had our ways of healing.

What are the common illnesses of the youth?

What is most common among the youth is what is called ulcer and fibroid. The fibroid is for the ladies while the ulcer is for both sexes. Hypertension is not common among the youth but fibroid and ulcer do.

What are the common illnesses of the elderly?

The elders as they get older are hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, back pains.

What is your view on diabetes?

What is called diabetes can be categorized into three. Number one is the one gotten from what one eats and drink. Number two is spiritual, to put affliction on someone. Number three is an inheritance from the parents which is genetical. These are the three ways that are curable.

What is your view on hypertension?

Hypertension as I earlier said is for elders, caused by too much thinking. Or some of the food we consume that do not contain protein, and by thinking too much cause hypertension in most cases.

What is your view on rheumatism?

Rheumatism is common among the elders mostly during the cold period. It is as a result of a blood clot in the bones which causes pains and disturbs walking which requires some treatments.

What can you say about a weak erection for me?

Weak erection can be categorized into two also. Spiritual, we have a way of treating the spiritual one. The second one is as a result of what one eats, it can be treated perfectly.

What is your view on ulcer?

Negligence causes ulcer, maybe such a child did not take cognizance of it from the beginning. There is a mini ulcer, there is a wide ulcer, we take care of them accordingly.

Tell us about Fibroid.

Thank you. Fibroid is what is called Oyun Iju. All women have traces of fibroid, but when it grows beyond normal, when it's abnormal that grown beyond normal, we have herbs and roots to cure and heal it. That is if not spiritual. Fibroid shouldn't be neglected because it's of different forms. We treat them according to the formation. That's that on Fibroid.

Is it true that our local traditional herbs can damage the body system such as the kidney?

Before the existence of corn, chickens had a means of feeding themselves. Our ancestors used herbs and roots, whereas illnesses we have today were not common in their time. But what we consume nowadays is genetically modified and preserved food, unlike how our ancestors used to eat fresh and natural vegetables, they cause a lot of sicknesses in the body system. Herbs and roots as I know them do not damage the body system, as long as it is not mixed with chemicals. Because the herbs and roots we use for our clients are linked to what's wrong with the patient.

How do you attend to the needs of your clients?

Whoever seeks our help, first of all, we do some consultations with Ifa Olokun to know if it's spiritual or not or inheritance. When the revelation is done, it would help us on what to do to treat the person. Because when an investigation is not made, it may turn one to a liar when the medication is not working. This is why we have Ifa as the guidance on the nature of the person's sickness for us to heal such a person.

What do you do when you discover that the illness of your client is spiritual?

When we discover that our client's illness is spiritual, we talk to Ifa. Ifa would guide us on which way to go to heal the person. Ifa is the guidance for all things. We can't do without Ifa, because whatever Ifa says is what we follow.

Where is your location?

I am located in Ondo State, in a town called Oba Ile in Ondo State, is where I practice my spirituality.

How can diasporas benefit from your work?

When they get in touch with me and have their information, whatever I want to send to them can get to them as long as I have the address. Can be sent via courier services.

Do you do follow up with your clients to ensure they are fine?

This is my job, I have no other job than this. We do call our patients from time to time to know the development of their body system and they also do call me as well which I do listen to their updates.

Your word of advice.

My advice is that not all illnesses the western medicines can cure. Herbs and roots are very important in our body system. If you have noticed... The white people do say we should eat vegetables because they know that herbs and roots are useful in our body system. This is why I would advise you to use them. Our ancestors did it, and they did it successfully in their time. They are still useful up till today. Though it is understood that there are liars. As you can see, God first created herbs and roots before he created humans for our health. Whoever wants to reach me, I have a mobile phone number they can reach me with, to share whatever sickness they might be going through.

Traditional Religion heals all sicknesses and tribulations. Herbs and roots used by our ancestors still exist and work. So there is no sickness they can't cure, as long as the victim explains himself or herself on how the sickness is affecting him or her. Ifa Orunmila has a way to heal such a person. Ifa Orunmila Baba Agboniregun, the witness of fate, he who remake someone with a bad destiny. Ifa I greet you today, this is my head. The front and the back of the divination tray. The owner of the right and the left. The middle of the outer heaven. The ground that barbs with hoes. The owner of a good pocket. Don't confuse me with the revelation, show it to me as shoes speak in Ile Ife.

(THROWS THE COWRIES ON THE SAND - click here to watch).

This Ifa is called Obara.

(THROWS THE COWRIES ON THE SAND - click here to watch).

Ifa I put my head on the ground. Eji Ogbe the king of Ifa. This Ifa is cast because of Bukola.

(THROWS THE COWRIES ON THE SAND - click here to watch).

In order for what's wrong with this person (Bukola) to go away... Ifa says she should have a lot of patience so that what's wrong with her would go. That's what this Ifa says. Ifa Olokun Asoro Dayo, what should she do? To offer sacrifice or what? He who offers sacrifice is saved while he who does otherwise fails.

(THROWS THE COWRIES ON THE SAND - click here to watch).

Ifa says this person should first of all offer sacrifice before anything is done. Ifa says she should offer 3 numbers of palp cake, 3 numbers of beans cake, and a lot of palm oil, in order for this client to conquer her enemy and live in peace on earth. Ifa Orunmila Baba Agboniregun, the witness of fate. Ifa, hope when the offering is done, she would be free? Ifa Orunmila Baba Agboniregun, Olokun Asoro Dayo.

(THROWS THE COWRIES ON THE SAND - click here to watch).

Ifa says when the offering is made, she would be healed as she would thank Ifa while Ifa would thank Olodumare. This is my arrival. Arrival to success, arrival of children, and arrival of life, the head of wealth.

(THROWS THE COWRIES ON THE SAND - click here to watch).

This is how we consult Ifa Olokun on whatever is wrong with our clients when we discover that the sickness is spiritual. This Ifa says... She should always be patient even though she is provoked, because people are bad and difficult. Because what's wrong with her is spiritual, that she should offer sacrifice. Offerings help while doing otherwise does not help. My head, please lead me right because you are the one who helps. This is how we use Ifa Olokun to ask for everything.



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