Meet Esu Priest in Nigeria (Osogbo, Osun State), Chief Kayode Idowu Esuleke.

Meet Esu Priest in Nigeria (Osogbo, Osun State), Chief Kayode Idowu Esuleke.

Can we meet you?

My name is Chief Kayode Idowu Esuleke, the Baale Esu and Gbojeluyi of Osogbo land.

Could you please tell us the meaning of "Esuleke"?

It's the name of whoever has believe in the (traditional) religion, as each religion names their children after their various religious faith. For example, there is "Abegunde" which stands for worshippers of Egungun. There is "Ogundele" which stands for worshippers of Ogun. Ifayemi for worshippers of Ifa, etc. As for me, I am a worshipper of Esu. This is why my name is "Esuleke". This name was given to me from heaven. It is a long story and a powerful one. Because when my father got married, he got married to 23 wives, my mother was the last wife, those 22 wives used to have miscarriage whenever they have misunderstanding with my father. One day, when he married my mother, she got pregnant. They therefore called on a Babalawo to do Ifa Reading, Ifa said that the baby would be a boy, His name is going to be "Esuleke", this is how I got my name from heaven. The day I was given birth to was on Friday which made my name 2 from heaven. In Yorubaland, whoever is given birth on Fridays is called "Jimoh", if the person is a Muslim. That is it. Esu is what my family lineage worships, and is what I am worshipping since my birth.

Is the Esu you worship in your family lineage the same as the Satan?

You just mentioned "Satan". When you hear Muslims saying "Auzubillah Minashaitan" - Shaitan. They don't say "Esu", Shaitan - Ajogun. Ajogun is what Yoruba calls Shaitan, the one who destroys. But the Esu that Yorubas worship is a Police to the entire world. As you know that the job of the Police is no respecter of anybody including his/her mother, which literally means "Obey the last order". Esu does not like lies, deceits, and manipulations. But when the slave masters (the white people) came through the Sahara, they complicated things for us by taking away our good sense of reasoning. All of a sudden, we began to dislike our own ancestral religion, they even condemn our dressing styles, they compelled us to be wearing suits and trousers, they equally compelled us to be tying rope on our necks like a goat, which they call "Tie". They as well told us that our names are not good, they began to give us all sorts of strange names. I am not ready to destroy any religion, but for the purpose of the fact that we want people to understand some certain things, if not, when we get to heaven, we would all know our fate, that is if truly we are going somewhere.

Who is Esu?

I said earlier that he is a reliable Orisha. If you check, there are 401 Orishas in Yorubaland. You see this Esu we are talking about, he is a brave Orisha that no other Orishas can underrate him. If you want your matter to quickly get to God, Esu is the best Orisha to send because he goes straight to wherever one may send him, when other Orishas would still be acting majestically. Let me site an example, all other Orishas respect Orunmila because he is knowledgeable, he remakes bad destinies, Esu is his next of kin among other Orishas, because whatever a dog would eat would be provided by Esu, whatever you give him would be given to another person because of his kindness.

There was a time, Orunmila adopted a wisdom, he called upon his children, he sent them to go and cut banana tree equivalent to his height's size. That was done. He said they should disguise the banana tree to look like a ghost and drop in his living room. That was done. Orunmila however hid inside the roof which I'm going to tell us the meaning soon. He told them to go and tell other Orishas that he had entered inside the roof of the house, he didn't say he had died, he said he only entered inside the roof of the house. Our kings took this phrase from Esu and Orunmila, to cut the story short, they got to Sango Olukoso to inform him that Baba had entered inside the roof of the house (had died), Sango replied that how possible is that for Orunmila to die? He asked if he left his Bitter Kola on ground before leaving, they answered "yes", so because of Bitter Kola, Sango didn't mourn the demise of his friend (Orunmila).

He went to Oya, so they went round. Because of time... So they went to the house of Esu, on getting to his house, they (the people at home) said Esu went to the house of "Alabe", Abe means human. Orunmila's children went to the house of Abe, they met him making Esu's hair, he was greeted, he was therefore told about the news of his friend's demise, Esu was shocked and told Abe to stop making his hair, Esu quickly stood up and this is why we call Esu the one who makes a half hairstyle. It was as a result of the bad news he heard so he couldn't finish making his hairstyle, Esu didn't ask for anything, he got there and then touched what was on the floor that looked like a dead body, it was truly cold and looked like a dead body indeed, he looked up and say "Orunmila" don't enter yet, don't let the Angels open the door for you. To cut the story short, Esu ran out. To cut the story short, Orunmila sent someone to call him back, Orunmila said he is inside the roof of the house, he said he is seeing everything you were all doing, he said on this note he (Esu) is a true friend. The moment Orunmila climbed down, he was happy with Esu and praised him.

Orunmila therefore told Esu to be living with him, Orunmila asked him to choose where he would be living between outside and inside the house - Esu said the first one he mentioned, Orunmila was surprised, Esu said he wants to be monitoring both outside and inside the house. This is why Esu is now outside - at the T junction. All true Babalawos has Esu at home.

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If you want to do a joint business with your friend, you must first of all consult Esu on the proposed business, Esu would first of all go and test the person on your behalf, when Esu see that he is plain, he would go back to the sender to test the person himself, when he sees that both of you are truly willing to do business together, he would therefore join the both of you together effectively. This is why Esu, not the Esu of the Mosque and Church, he is the Esu of Yorubaland, he is a good person, he is a police who do not betray.

Is it true that our Orishas such as Esu don't forgive?

Tell me... Even in the Bible, it says an "intentional sin" cannot be forgiven. You trespassed into someone's apartment and stole, then Sango or Ogun was sent to you to attack you, then you are saying they don't forgive - why did you steal there in the first place? But people are sentenced to death in the court of law, will you say they don't forgive? I could remember during the Military Regime, whoever steals were killed. On this note, please let's not proceed further, let's leave it there.

Tell us the colour of Orisha Esu.

He wears multi colors of Red and Black, Don't forget his "Praise", one who walks in the groundnut's shell. First of all he is a short spirit. Can you imagine him walking inside the groundnut's shell? You could see that he is very short. He wears Red and Black. Same with his beads - Red and Black.

What are the Offering Items of Orisha Esu?

Esu likes he-goats, palm oil, kola nuts and every other food items. In the olden days, we used to give sekete palm wine but nowadays, there's no more sekete palm wine, but now he drinks Gin.

What are the blessings one can get from Orisha Esu through you?

As I'm talking to you, without lying and deceiving people, I am a professional herbalist. Whoever do not understands his/her life anymore, just like how Esu went to Orunmila for help, Olodumare uses someone like me to help people in need of spiritual assistance. Some people are in need of the fruit of the womb, God uses someone like me, and so on and so forth. Don't let me praise myself, let the people praise me.

Please, your word of advice and prayer.

My advice is that... The traditional religion which they are saying it's bad, when our people are saying the truth, it sounds like we are lying. Ebenezer Obey sang a song that wherever people lie, there use to be crowd there. I'm not condemning any religion but this Traditional Religion I practice, it's very good! Wherever the truths are preached, very few people go there, this is the reason why a saying says "Ifa is taking over this world but novices do do realize this", the end would justify the means. I met Prof. Wande Abimbola in New York in America sometimes ago, I told Professor that, some people are using the traditional religion to scam people, he said I should let them be, he said they would see the consequence.

Whoever is following the traditional religion shouldn't allow anybody deceive them. Just take a look at how they are underrating the traditional religion with their qualification of it. As the name implied "Traditional Religion", we met lines on our palms, we don't know how it got there, is the ideology behind the "Traditional Religion". Don't let them lie to you, if you are truly worshiping your God through your Religion, you will see that things would be working for you for good.

I was in India sometimes ago, they worship cows there - the cow we eat here with "Bismillah", they worship Horses, God listens to their prayers.

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If you have water at the corner of your house, God could be answering your prayers through the water, that is one. Secondly, some people you see making noise that they have one mother somewhere for them, those ones are not Traditionalists, they are scammers that needed to be jailed, they are not part of us. If you check those who are doing money rituals, they are not Traditional Religion followers, because our Religion do not say we should shed human blood on the ground before we move forward. But as I said, let's leave it there. The end would justify the means when it's time.

Please offer some prayers for us.

My prayer is that, those watching this channel, Get a Better Life TV. Did you hear how the English is pronounced? You ought to have known that, it's a platform for the progress of the people. The company will not burn down. The company would be moving forward and never go back. So shall it be. Those watching this channel, they won't run mad - Ase. They won't go blind, they won't become deaf and dumb, they won't run mad.

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They would be successful in their lives. So shall it be!



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