Meet Babalawo in Nigeria (Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State), Yisa Adamolekun.

Meet Babalawo in Nigeria (Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State), Yisa Adamolekun.

Could you please introduce yourself?

I am Yisa Adamolekun. The head of the priest in Odo Ado (Ado-Ekiti).

Could you please explain how you were born?

Thank you. When my mother was pregnant, she wanted to give birth to me, but it was difficult for her. They claimed that the difficult birth was due to the type of person I am. They advised that Ifa should be wrapped around my mother's neck to ease my delivery. I was delivered within 10 minutes of Ifa being wrapped around my mother's neck. I was not dropped on the floor immediately; instead, I was placed in the hands of someone. I was tied in the womb. Before I was placed on the floor, the person loosened my umbilical cord in their hands. Immediately I was placed on the floor, My father asked if I was not going to die, they replied him never. Then they started taking care of me. What surprises everyone was that they saw a leaf in my hand, then Ifa on my neck. They said it was the help of Ifa that facilitated my safe delivery. So they said, my job on earth is already known.

When I was older, I went to school. They began to bother me. The day I'm referring to is the 12th of April 1934, which was my birthday. As I was born, gradually I grew up and started schooling. As I was brilliant then, they kept bothering me and inflicting sickness on me. Despite their disturbance, I managed to finish school.

After finishing school, I went to learn handwork. As a Builder and Painter, I was doing both and had people working for me; I was just hustling. I was told I was wasting my effort and my destined job is not what I’m doing. Because I didn't listen, another sickness started. That was on Christmas day 1959. As I got home, I could no longer talk. They started carrying me everywhere to take care of me. They were told they would take care of me but I must not be treated with injection or medicine.

Behold, I was taken care of. But the Babalawo instructed and with all his efforts on me that the person behind my sickness must be exposed. The person was eventually exposed and ran mad for 10 years in the city of Ado-Ekiti. They said I didn't offend anyone but my refusal to answer the call of destiny is the reason people dislike me. That all the other works I have been doing were waste of time.

To make a long story short, I began this Babalawo job. Then I began traveling as a Babalawo, and all of my spiritualities worked for people. I used to do knowledge charms for students back then. My students' clients used to come first in their school. Back then, I charged them 5 sile. I used to help them. I lived in Ijebu till 1963, when I relocated to Ado-Ekiti and began producing herbs. I thought to myself a need to have farmland. Even at that, I could not make it until I started producing herbs. I was widely known to the extent that I used to be the one people called upon when things get out of hand. Even my elders used to respect me at that time. Because it was when all Ekiti were celebrating Ifa week in the month of April I was given birth to. Alosoogun was my name then. I understand Ifa and charms.

In the month of April, I'd still celebrate again. Even when I was abroad, the celebration took place in my absence on my behalf. I also celebrated it abroad. What am I trying to say? One’s destiny can't be rejected. If you try to reject, such a person would be punished. Since I followed my destiny, my children are successful. In this town, people are appreciating my traditional works. Not by my power, but when one answers the call of his destiny, things work easily for such a person. This is how I lived my life until someone call me today for a job. I was truthful with my dealing with my clients. It is good to be truthful, it is very important.

Are you an Ifa priest or a herbalist?

Everybody knows me as a Babalawo and Herbalist.

What is Ifa?

Ifa has spread all over the world. It is the original. Ifa reveals whatever is hidden. Ifa removes troubles from people's minds. Ifa is very special.

There was a time Orunmila was humiliated until he went back to heaven. He later sent a delegate to represent him on earth. When Orunmila was truthful, everybody used to rely on him. Whatever he says happens. Then later some people started what is called "Isabi" which also gives Ifa signs. No one exists without an enemy such as how Eji Ogbe was the most loved one because he was truthful. Eji Ogbe asked what he could do to be saved from his enemies. He was told to take some salts and pray with them. Ever since then, Eji Ogbe became the only Odu Ifa that takes Salt. Whenever any sacrfice is offered, salt must be included. Which is for Esu, because Esu is an Ifa messenger. This is how Ifa became successful. Ifa makes this world a better place.

What are the functions of Ifa?

When one is troubled. Such as what I said about Odu Ifa, Eji Ogbe. He was troubled, no one is beyond problems from the evil people. Whoever is troubled and consulted Ifa, the solution would be revealed. The unseen creatures are the ones helping our prayers to be answered. They can equally do otherwise. We don't know them but they know us. This is why we offer sacrifices. It makes our lives. Nothing can be done without the intervention of Orunmila.

Why is it that Ifa Religion is not generally accepted as it was during the time of our ancestors?

Thank you. It is because Ifa dislikes dubious people. Because when one is dubious with Ifa, such a person would be troubled. Ifa doesn't take what is not his. Even though you are seeing a Babalawo looking dirty, all his children are successful. But when one takes what he's not supposed to take, Esu would deal with such a person. Because Esu is in charge.

If one takes what Ifa doesn't instruct, such a person becomes an enemy of Esu. Such a person would be having challenges. That is it. Whoever is dubious with Ifa, Ifa would destroy such a person.

Who is Orunmila?

In the olden days. A man had two wives. He then traveled. The two of them (wives) were horny, They agreed to make love. One of them got pregnant and gave birth to Orunmila. That's why he was crippled. Despite the fact that he was crippled, he is useful in solving people's problems.

Two females slept together and thereby gave birth to the birth of Setiu the crippled one. Setiu is what Alfas call him. When he discovered that things were upside down, he got upset. And came down to us (Ado-Ekiti), When he came (to Ado-Ekiti)..., No wonder people say Ado-Ekiti owns Ifa as they are jealous. Whoever is hated becomes great later in the future. He was chased out from where he was to Ado-Ekiti. Because he was truthful, he wanted to be put to death. No one exists without a gift such as what you are doing. Someone might be trying to be like you but when it's not his or her destiny, such a thing won't be possible for him or her to achieve. We are all endowed in our own different ways. Jesus was a powerful person. Some people are powerful but doing bad with it. No one can name his or her child Judas. Jesus is being celebrated. No one can celebrate Judas. This is where lies started. That's it. (I'm managing to talk as I'm not feeling fine).

What is Osanyin?

(PRAISING OSANYIN - click here to listen to the praising).

Osanyin is at home and on the farm. All religions have Osanyin. Words are powerful.

(PRAISING OSANYIN - click here to listen to the praising).

Have you given your powers to any of your children?

Yes, I have given them to my child. And I thank God I didn't fail because it's my destined path which I didn't regret. Everyone in Ekiti told me to teach my child everything I know. And I'm thankful he didn't reject the offer because of his education. Now he's a qualified Babalawo. If you ask me to call him for you, I can do so.

(To be continued...)



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