Meet Babalawo in Nigeria, Owolabi Oladele.

Meet Babalawo in Nigeria, Owolabi Oladele.

Could you please tell us about yourself?

My name is Owolabi Oladele. My grandfather was a hunter and a Chief Priest. Also, my own father was a hunter. I grew up as a hunter. I took after my father as a hunter and also a farmer. Hunting and farming lead me to this settlement (village). I have about six farmlands and also carry out my hunting profession. I killed two big animals with a big head and a single horn which is bigger than Buffalo somewhere in Kwara State as I stayed there for 68 days. I have killed about 7 numbers of Anacondas. My grandfather and father were Ifa Olokun Priests. Now that I'm famous in my locality, I'm always busy. So I took after my father as an Ifa Olokun Priest and I pray that no one should tarnish my image; and I pray I meet my helper and be successful like my father.

If someone brings a child that has fainted to my place, I would bring such a child back to life. So this priesthood I'm doing is the job of my grandfather. I am the head of hunters in the whole of this settlement. Our celebration is coming up in three days, the whole of this place would be full of guests. Nearly all the hunters in Ekiti State, I am the one who offer sacrifice to Ogun for them. Your prayers would be answered, that is it. I pray that no one should tarnish my image on this job. Grace, I use to do grace for people, whoever wants it. I pray that people should appreciate me for what I do for them. As my father told me, I don't charge much. That is it. May you be successful.

Tell us about your farming experience.

When I left home, I started farming. I have many farmlands such as yam farm, cocoa farm, cassava farm, maize farm, etc. I don't have chance farming anymore. In the herbalism, I'm skillful. The woman you met with me just now had been barren for 11 years since she got married. She just confirmed to me that she is pregnant as she was thanking God. She would have to come back for the second step of the spirituality - I would have to hang the pregnancy up until the time is ripe to deliver. Her pregnancy won't ever be lost by grace of God, tradition and our ancestors. When it's time for her to deliver, I would have to pour cold water on the floor; be you say Jack Robinson, she would deliver the baby. I inherited this from my father. I don't take more than what should be taken. That is it.

How do you consult Ifa with your Ifa Olokun?

Ifa Olokun is different, if you deceive people with it, you will pay for it. Whatever it says is what I tell people as my father thought me. I don't deceive people. If for instance, someone has a court case (innocent person), he or she would be freed even the person such a person would be sitting with in court would be freed.

How did you get to this settlement (village)?

Where I first landed is right over there. I landed in one of my relative's house at midnight with my hunting uniform. Problems took me away from home. My wife was barren for 8 years. I left home at midnight. It was after 3 months and 9 days before my parent knew where I was. I carried my hunting lamp at midnight as I left home. I put 3 cloths inside my hunting uniform. I left home, nobody knew where I was. Because my wife couldn't be pregnant is the reason why I left for this settlement. I was under the care of my father then, I was working so hard so him then. All my age group where having children but I could not. This is the reason why I left my father for this settlement. It took a while before I could have my own children - after the 4th wife. That is it, I left home because of problem of having my own child. I thank God, my 4th wife gave birth to a male and a female child for me, they all died within a week.

We went for a burial. My father in-law. I went there with a lot of bush meats, with some tubers of yam. Now God has blessed me as I was favored when I was roaming about, I later met the wife I married who gave birth to my first child; I met her while I was selling my bush meat at Agbado-Ekiti. She bought Pangolins from me. She was told get the life animal. She remembered this 6 days ago. When she got home, she told the person that asked her to get the pangolins that I said what needed it for would work for it. She was asked if she knew me, she replied no. So that is it, may God bless us.

Where did you migrate from?

I migrated from Omuo-Ekiti to this settlement. I angrily migrated to this place from my father's farmland at Egbe (near Omuo-Ekiti). Where I first stayed and built a house is over there, I was chased from there as the king was aware of it and I told them they can only cheat me on earth but not in heaven. Though the king challenged the person that sold the house for me because he duped me. So I was given another land which is where I am right now. I thank God for my children, I pray to God never to cry over them. I thank God.

Why didn't you help yourself to quickly have a child as a priest?

Thank you, Baba. At that time, I haven't started practicing this priesthood. I disagreed with my grandfather, I was living with him with my wife. I disagreed with him because I couldn't be idle living on expecting clients to visit as he used to expect then. When he died... But before he died, he insisted I must learn this spirituality. So when he initiated me, I began taking care of him by giving him bush meats often. I thank him, I thank God. He prayed for me. He gave me his hunting tools and his spiritual book. I appreciate him. I was being childish then, I didn't take it seriously then. I rejected going out at night to get herbs. But when I began to take spirituality seriously, I began to see changes in my life.

How did you find yourself doing what you do as a hunter, herbalist, and Babalawo?

I took after my father. When I was hunting, I used to give out half of whatever I killed. I was a small boy when I used to follow my father to hunt in the bush.

How about Herbalism?

My father used to send me to get materials for healing, this is how I learned Herbalism with hunting.

How did you know about the casting of Ifa?

As I said earlier, I used to carry Ifa for my father and he used to ask me to cast Ifa and praise it.

How are you able to combine hunting with Herbalism/Ifa Priesthood?

Both of them are brothers. Hunters know leaves and do show herbalists. They say a strong hunter is a strong herbalist. Those are claiming are priests today did not swear an oath of allegiance. They are traitors. They can take animals, take clothes simply because a woman is looking for pregnancy. They end up sowing the cloth for themselves. The one I did with God's intervention, I didn't take anything from her (She's from Aisegba-Ekiti). Her first delivery was twins. She's about to have her third child. She was here two weeks ago. Now her husband is begging her to stop having more babies but she insisted she wants more. She said she want one more child. The priesthood in the olden days is different from the past. That is it.

Tell us your experience as a hunter.

Hunter's story... My grandfather... He used to kill big animals, he killed 9 buffalos and 3 tigers, but I didn't kill any tiger. Whenever I shoot at buffalo, it usually runs to me, but I would later become invisible until I load my gun again. My grandfather used to do it and he thought me. Now I use to do it for people. Disappearing charm is hunter's charm. I once sat on an anaconda thinking it was a plank of wood. It was my lamp that hurt it, then it adjusted, then I got to know it was an anaconda. I killed it with a cutlass. Very big like this mango tree. I cut its head where the head was. It occupied a lot of space on the ground. Whenever I see any of the deadly animals, I'm always invisible otherwise one has to climb the tree. The invisible charm for hunters is very rare to find nowadays. That is it, Baba, it is well with you.

Is it true that you do come across spirits in the bush?

Very well! Some places in the bush are very hot more than the normal temperature, because the spirits are there. In some places, you will be seeing fire burning. But the powerful hunters have an incantation to chant. There is what one can bring out, shake towards the ear, the fire would disappear, then you go your way. We use to meet spirits in the bush at midnight. But when you have the charm, you will point it at the spirit, then the spirit walks away. When a lion kills any of the wild animals to eat up, I usually throw a charm at the animal for the lion to step aside for me to carry such a wild animal. I used to meet armed robbers on my way very well, we used to greet ourselves, I even used to give them my wild animal. I go my way. No armed robber can stop me on my way. I thank God. We greet ourselves and whenever I meet their boss, I give out one of my wild animals. They know that I'm a brave hunter. That is it.

Why are you not living in the town instead of this settlement (village)?

Thank you for that, to be living in the town is not my wish, because of my farming skills, I have turned down many offers to be living in Agbado town. I can only live where I can do my job very well, because my father didn't allow me to go to school. I thank God, presently, I'm training two of my children. One of them would be graduating in a few month's time. That would make it 4 of my children that have graduated. One of them is serving right now (NYSC). That is it.

Is it true that strong charms like disappearing charm, native bulletproof, etc still exist?

Disappearing charm, it exists. Native bulletproof exists. Do as I say exists. My grandfather used to do it, likewise myself. Those big men usually come here, they use to come at midnights. I work for all of them. He wrote an agreement for me, it's under my mattress, he promised me and failed, he left here 3:00am that day.

How does the disappearing charm work?

The charm, you will put it in your pocket, it's a very small charm, you will put it in your pocket, wherever you are standing, nobody would see you except you greet. The disappearing charm is a hunter's charm.

Tell us about "Gbetugbetu."

That gbetugbetu is put in the mouth, you will use your teeth to press it down. Whatever you say to someone would be done as long as it's in your mouth.

Tell us about Ayeta (Native Bulletproof).

That Ayeta is for protection from being harmed with cutlass and gun. The cutlass would cut into two and the knife would bend. Maybe when a gun is shot then missed the person. You see that disappearing charm and gbetugbetu, whoever I want to do them for would make an oath of allegiance for me. That, when such a person steal with them or hurt someone with them, this ground should kill such a person.

Tell us about Madarikan.

There is Madarikan. When we get the materials, it is performed on the mortar. Nobody would be able to conquer you. That is the work of Madarikan. None of the enemies in such a person's family would be able to conquer him or her. That one that I do is the one I got from my father which does not affect one's grace. With Madarikan, whoever goes to any priest or Alfa to hurt you would be in trouble. As it is performed on the mortar, such a person who is enjoying the Madarikan must never sit on the mortar anymore, otherwise, the charm would spoil.

Is it true that charms don't work for some people?

It is true. I use to do the charm for people. The spiritual rite is performed by washing hands and the face. After the washing, then something would be done to the two hands, all charms would be working for such a person.

Is it compulsory for everyone who need your spirituality to come to you in person?

Not at all, some charms can be sent spiritually.

How can one be saved from any spiritual battle?

I can do the soap. The soap would be bathed at the junction at 12:00am midnight. After the bath, the owners of this world would let such a person be.

Is it possible for you to make someone spiritually powerful?

The person would have to commit something. You know we don't trust ourselves. The person would have to pledge something. Because when such a person becomes powerful by showing him or her your source, he or she might betray. If you come to my house now, you can't find any visible charm.

What is your major area of spiritual assistance to the people?

Spirituality for getting pregnant is the important one. I have solved 15 and 10 years barrenness problem, as long as such a woman has a clean mind. When a child is spiritually possessed, I can deliver such a child with spiritual bath.

Are you a seer or you make use of Odu Ifa?

I make use of Odu Ifa, I'm not a seer. My father wasn't a seer. When an Odu Ifa is revealed, it would be praised back and front which works better.

How do you go about your consultation?

I charge 500 naira for consultation. After the consultation, whatever is revealed would justify what to do next.

Why are some other priests charging high?

Thank you. Greed. That is what is disturbing this world. They say when one over charge more than the value of a spiritual work, such a spirituality won't work. Greed is destroying this world. Because of their greed, they begin to look wretched. No one says the truth anymore. In our time as a hunter, only the trusted ones are allowed to hunt. People are wondering why can't our spiritual priests solve our challenges in Africa? We are betrayals!!! Had it been we can be united like the west, we won't be like this.

Your word of advice.

The youth should stop betraying themselves. They should love themselves for orderliness sake. Even in government, betraying destroys their government. They don't say the truth anymore. They backbite. God would rise who would correct everything. My advice to the world is that, God would rise who will correct everything. By the special grace of God, we won't be slaves.

Your prayer to the viewers.

I pray may God save you all. You won't misbehave. You will go well and come back well. No evil shall fall on you. Ogbo should listen, Konko don't go against whatever the river says.

Find some white weed leaves (Ewe Emi Esu). Gather them together and add one alligator pepper. Get some Jatropha Leaves (Ewe Lapalapa), the ones at the top of the leaf stake. Mix them with black soap. When you bath with it, you are going to be favored.

(IFA OLOKUN READING SESSION - click here to watch).

Orunmila you are listening. However it is, ask the ground.

(DICING 4 COWRIES IN 4 PLACES - click here to watch).

You are told to thank your destiny and your word of mouth. He's asking if what's wrong with him is a mere health challenge or caused by the bad people?

(DICING 4 COWRIES IN 4 PLACES - click here to watch).

Will he be saved from this?

(DICING 4 COWRIES IN 4 PLACES - click here to watch).

You will be saved. I'd prepare the medicine for you. I'd check for you if I still have the medicine at home. If I prepare the medicine, will he be fine? You will be fine. What about the aftermath? He said you will be saved.

Concerning money rituals, I don't do it, it has repercussions. The end of money rituals is bad. The moment such a person's money comes, he/she would die and everything gotten with the money would varnish. I don't do it. What exist is Asiri Bibo, meaning self sufficient for those who do not have it. Such a person would be meeting people to help, wine and dine with him/her. The Asiri Bibo could make one rich when it's done and it's been used. The rich people would be helping such a person by supporting him/her with a huge amount of money. It's like Iyonu, meaning likeness, someone could give such a person some money to keep until it's time for the person to use it. But whoever doesn't have a job, it can't work. Such a person might end up stealing if he/she doesn't have a job. Whoever I want to do Asiri Bibo and Iyonu for, both of us would make an oath with kola nut before it's delivered. Kola nut with 3 pairs would be used to make the oath. If such a person steal with them, he/she would die. The person's stomach would swell up.

Does Asiri Bibo has repercussion?

Asiri Bibo (self sufficient) doesn't have bad repercussions but good ones. With Asiri Bibo (self sufficient), one would be self sufficient to achieve what needs to be achieved in life.

So what is Osole?

Yes, Osole is done in a big calabash. It makes one to be self sufficient as well. It can be used to sell goods. If one has a store, the store would be full. If it's for Church, I do it, people come from Port Harcourt for it. If it's for Church, it would be filled up with members quickly. That is Osole, it doesn't have any bad repercussion.

Are you saying Church people use it sir?

Very well! They use it. They do come here for it.

Then what is the difference between Asiri Bibo and Osole?

The difference is not much.

Could you explain a bit for us?

Osole and Asiri Bibo. Osole is a bit powerful than Asiri Bibo. It gives rest of mind. Osole is powerful for the young ones. They misuse it. That's why I don't do it for the younger ones but elders. Once such an elder explain what's going on with his/her store or church, I would do it for such an elder. It is done in a big calabash.

Hope Osole doesn't involve the use of human parts?

Not at all! It doesn't hurt one, human parts are not in use. But the person must not pass his/her boundary. All my clients don't get hurt with whatever I do for them. It doesn't affect children and wife.

What do you mean by pass boundary, father?

The pass boundary means that some people would go somewhere else to do something different to add to it. That is passing one boundary. It would hurt the person.



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