Meet Adahunse (Babalawo) in Nigeria (Ijesa Isu, Ekiti State), Chief Olatunji Idowu Oladeji.

Meet Adahunse (Babalawo) in Nigeria (Ijesa Isu, Ekiti State), Chief Olatunji Idowu Oladeji.

Could you please introduce yourself to the viewers?

My name is Chief Olatunji Idowu Oladeji, Sagbale of Ijesa Isu Ekiti in the Local Government of Ese Ikoku, Ikole West.

What do you do?

I am Adahunse, known as Traditional Medicine Practitioner.

What is Adahunse?

Adahunse makes use of herbs and roots to solve people's problems.

Do you cast Ifa?

Yes I cast Olokun. It is part of Ifa. Ifa is one, Orunmila is one. But it has branches. There is Ikin, there is Olokun, there is Opele, but all is Ifa, they all praise the same Odu Ifa.

How did you start practicing as an Adahunse?

I inherited it because it's in our lineage in a street called Ilokun in Ijesa here. Whoever comes to the street for help ends up smiling going back home. My grandfather (Ifalajiki) was a priest all his life. He passed it on to his son Aworoekun. Before Aworoekun died, he passed it on to me.

What is Ifa?

Ifa is a witness of fate. Whatever is not clear to anyone is revealed in the home of Ifa Priests. Apart from that, in the olden days, unlike nowadays, before one buys land, such a person would consult Ifa, if one wanted to marry, such a person would consult Ifa, even if one wanted to get farmland for farming, such a person would consult Ifa to be sure of good farm produce from the land.

Could you please educate the viewers from any of the Odu Ifa?

There are many Odu Ifa, sixteen which produce another sixteen each. Had it been that we Yorubas all believe in them, we would have known that Ifa is our savior. But it appears the Christian Religion is taking it away from us. Like Odu Ifa Eji Ogbe, it says, Eji Ogbe, full of wealth, it throws medicines in the bush, for everyone to get them. When praised, you get an answer, if not, one won't. Did you hear what the Odu says? When you praise, it answers, it says it throws medicines in the bush for everyone to get them.

Why are many people avoiding traditional believers?

The reason is not a strange reason for everyone to know. The reason is that, the Christian religion is the reason while it shouldn't be. In the olden days, I have said it earlier, when a child is born, consultation used to be made to understand the purpose of such a child on earth through Ifa. Maybe, as far as I'm concerned is because of the bad name given to the tradition by the Abrahamic Religions.

How do traditional believers get close to God?

A river that is full to the neck, there is no need to drink from such a river with a cup as you just need to drink with your mouth directly. The question has even pave way for the answer by itself. To get close to God in the path of Traditional Religion, Ifa can say one should get: kola nut, palm wine, cock, cold water, palm oil, salt, smoked yam, Alligator pepper, shea butter and snail to offer as a sacrifice to Ogun. Whoever doesn't go to Mosque and Church, and such a person is told to offer such, such a person must sacrifice to the Ogun. When Ogun is sacrificed to, prayers are equally answered, then it means such a person is close to God as well. Since such a person is neither a Muslim nor a Christian, such a person can be asked to offer sacrifice to Ifa, Egungun, Esu, his or her head (Ori), as you know that we all met our traditional religion on earth, but, we all know when Christianity got to Africa, even the date it got to Africa, talkless of Nigeria, and our various towns.

Is it true that God says that no one should follow any Orisha?

Everyone places priority on whatever they want, I said earlier that the date Christianity came to Africa is known. An adage says: before corn came, chickens had what they feed on. Our ancestors knew how they organize themselves before the advent of Christianity.

Does deliverance exist in the Yoruba Traditional Religion?

Yes very well. I said earlier that before the advent of Christianity, our ancestors had their ways of life such as deliverance of all sorts.

But the other religions are of the opinion that our Orishas are evil, is that true?

That's not true. Whatever one doesn't understand can't be explained, we deliver and help people. That's why they come back to show appreciation.

Is there any punishment for the bad ones in the Yoruba Traditional Religion?

Yes! I said earlier that some people are possessed, some have a bad spirit which they use to hurt people. When something is done by our elders, such a person with a bad spirit would confess by exposing his or her bad deeds.

But some people are saying that they are just mentally troubled as they talk nonsense.

That's not true, they even use to say they are suffering from Malaria. People are just protecting their image by saying such things. It is true that people use to confess. Even when someone is killed, something can be done to know the cause of such a person's death. Whoever is involved in the killing would be exposed.

Does that mean that the dead would rise and speak out?

The culprits would confess and begin to give flimsy excuses for doing so.

What are the examples of sins in the path of Traditional Religion?

They are many. Number one, it is not good for any Adahunse (Babalawo) to scam people with our traditional spirituality. Also, we must not disclose the secret of our clients to anyone, in the traditional religion. Also, we traditionalists must not be turning those in need of our help down because, God is the one doing ours. Also, it is not good to be using "Afose (Charm for making things happen)" to cast Ifa just to ensure that Babalawo's prophesies comes to pass. Even the seers (who pretends to be an Ifa Priest).

How about the sins identified by other religions such as drinking alcohol etc.?

Sins are of different types. I said some about the traditionalists. In the traditional religion, drinking alcohol is not part of the sins because Orunmila recommends it for sacrifice, it's backed with a story.

How do you carry out your consultation for people?

As I said earlier, we,  Adahunse use to leave our problems to solve people's problems, as God is the one attending to our own problems. We, Babalawos can't solve our own problems by ourselves. Whoever comes to me for consultation, whatever such a person is capable of giving is okay for consultation. In the olden days, money was not used for consultation, rather they offer food items for consultation. But nowadays, money is used. Whatever is given is okay, the price is not fixed, though I don't know for others.

After consultation, what's next?

Then after consultation, whatever is revealed would be attended to in terms of sacrifice. This is why a saying says: offering of sacrifice favors one while doing otherwise does not favor one.

Tell us the difference between Adahunse and Babalawo.

They are all Adahunse. As for me, whoever wants to get pregnant, God can do it through me. You can see that I have done something which is the meaning of Adahunse. Or someone is sick and I takes care of such a person, it's also an example. Or someone investigates about his or her life and such a person is compelled to take some steps, it is also an example. Babalawo and Adahunse are more or less the same thing, but the word Babalawo is generic as they are called Priest in the olden days. Because Adahunse is also a priest because they use herbs and roots to help people, then are equally called Babalawo.

What do you do to deliver people?

By the grace of God, Osanyin, Orunmila and Olokun. Whoever is looking for pregnancy and is serious about it can be delivered. I attend to spiritual attacks. Whoever wants to be uplifted in his or her work, Osanyin would say amen to it. And so on.

Your word of advice.

My advice to those watching me is that, most especially, we, followers of Isese, let us be truthful in all our endeavors which is very important. For instance, someone is in a problem, do not add to the problem by compelling the person to get a lot of money. Let us be truthful. God of heaven, I give you respect, I run to you today before I act as a priest, you are more than the sand on the ground. Orunmila, I run to you before I act as priest. Olokun, I run to you. Osanyin, I run to you, It's been a while it was dawn today, are you available? Ofun...




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