Meet Babalawo in Nigeria (Agbado-Ekiti, Ekiti State), Adebowale Fabarebo Amoloogun.

Meet Babalawo in Nigeria (Agbado-Ekiti, Ekiti State), Adebowale Fabarebo Amoloogun.

Could you please introduce yourself to the viewers?

I am Adebowale Fabarebo Amoloogun (Herbalist). The child of a powerful man. The wise one, the child of a brave man. I live in Agbado-Ekiti, Ekiti State (Nigeria). I once lived in Otta. But currently, I'm in my father's town where I practice my priesthood.

Why did you choose to be a herbalist (Babalawo Amoloogun)?

I didn't choose to be a herbalist, herbalism chose me. Pastor brought me up in the city of Ibadan (Nigeria). He trained me to be a pastor, I was even an official with a position in the Church. But when I was a young boy, there was an Orisha called "Alawojo" in my father's town. Due to the fact that my mother’s children used to die young, she then made a pledge to the Orisha. That if the Orisha could safe my life, my mother pledged that I'd be worshiping the Orisha. I was given birth to, but in my mother's lineage, male children are not many. As my mother gave birth to me, her brother who is a pastor in Ibadan took me away to take care of me. So I was living in Ibadan.

Where I finished my education up till university level. I'm a graduate of Industrial Mathematics, Numerical Analyst. I served in the year 2011 in Oyo State. After my service, I was able to secure a job at Dell University of Technology. But the job was two years contract basis. I was in my first year of the contract when problems started due to the pledge my mother made to the spirit Alawojo. In our royal family lineage, someone must point at the spirit. Because my late father was a brother to the king of Agbado-Ekiti. So, in December 6, I had an accident as the problem started. I was been taken to places for healing until we went to a Church. Behold, the pastor of the church told me I should go back to my father's faith (herbalism) for me to be saved. I was surprised. So I got back to my father's village but unfortunately my father had died with nothing in his herbalism to fall back on. I was worried on how to begin the job of herbalism my father left behind. So I went to a Baba, Chief Onibedo. He is my father in herbalism. He told me to offer a white cock to my dead father. He told me to then sleep in my father's shrine (which was already empty on my arrival). I began sleeping in the shrine until the third night, I then had a dream where my father appeared to me and began showing me leaves and their usages. So I started making charms and testing them as my father taught me. Now I can boldly say it that I have about 2000 charms in my possession. Because my father was majorly a charm maker. So, I didn't choose to be an herbalist. Herbalism chose me. 

How do you carry out your consultation before you solve your client's problem?

As I said earlier, my father was a Babalawo Imogun. But my mentor is an Ifa Priest. Meanwhile, during my father's time, he used to seek the help of his friends on Ifa consultation because he wasn't an Ifa Priest. Likewise myself, Baba Onigbedo use to do Ifa consultation for me whenever I needed Ifa Consultation for my clients such as a pastor I treated sometimes ago. We (herbalists) use to consult Ifa priest for guidance before we attend to our clients need but later on, Onigbedo initiated Ifa Olokun for me.

What is the guarantee of your spirituality to your clients?

Unlike myself, some Babalawos use to wear their costume. I have the believe that what is important is what one knows not the costume with nothing to show for it. So I believe in reality. Some people usually lie that the charm given to them did not work simply because they don't want to come back to show appreciation. We use to ask Ifa if the charm made for our clients would work for them or not. Take for instance when a bulletproof charm (that we use to make for soldiers) is made, we usually test it to be sure it would work. Also some charms cannot be taken far away otherwise, it won't work. But we do have a way out to make such a charm work before we send it.

Are you rest assured you are in the right path to God?

Remember I told you the other time that I was brought up by a pastor. I am a Bible Scholar. In fact, I know what I'm currently doing. I use to question those seeing Traditional Believers as those who can't make heaven. But I use to tell them they should leave them and God.

There was a program on air where a pastor and a traditionalist engaged themselves while at the end, the pastor was troubled by the traditionalist's Osanyin. Even Pastors use to come to celebrate Ifa with us. The Bible says this battle is not that of the flesh but the Holy Spirit. Let us leave that for God to judge.

How many ways do you know spiritual consultation can be done?

Our Ifa consultation ways are categorized into four categories Babalawo are categorized into two, viz: Imogun and Awofa.

The Babalawo Awofa make use of either Olokun, Opele, Ikin and Osanyin. But whoever do not learn Ifa, like Ifa. Some thought it has only 16 verses. Whereas they are more than 16. You see, one Odu produces another 16 Odu,16 Odu has another 16 Odu each. Can you imagine how many Odu in existence. It all depend how far one can praise them. Odu Ifa verses are similar to that of the Bible. So we have 16 Odu multiply by 16. Those who do not understand them initiated as seers. But those seers can only see but can't solve the problem. You see Odu Ifa use to praise from right to left. The right praise says the problem. The left praise says the solution. Such as when a sick client is brought to us, Ifa can reveal that such a person won't die and thereby would say what to use for such a patient.

What is the importance of spiritual consultation?

Yoruba saying says he who ask for direction do not miss road. It is what we ask for we can know. Herbalism is not what one can just practice because such a person got his father's charm making book. The reason why we Babalawos do consult Ifa before we treat our patients is that.

Take for instance there was a time a woman was in the labour room to deliver a baby but she couldn't, then she was told that the only option was CS. The husband didn't have money for it. Her husband's friend was the one who referred him to me for consultation. You can't believe that it was revealed that the husband's mother was the one who tied the delivery down to her cloth. They were in Ibadan while I was here in Agbado-Ekiti. I now told them that the woman's cloth should be removed. They did so without informing her. They therefore saw the rope she used. Then until the rope was removed before the woman was able to deliver her baby successfully. As you see this is why we do consult Ifa before we do anything. 

Can you tell us about the beads in your wrist?

This bead is called "Ode" What happened was that, there was a time, when Orunmila was in possession of "Iponrin" people hated him for that, so he wanted to be killed. He then turned himself into this (Bead) and someone swallowed it. This bead is a whole human. As he swallowed it, the person was killed and butchered. The first person that used this (bead) was "Aworo" this (bead) was thrown away with the person intestine.

The (intestine) was taken to one Orisha's shrine. When the intestine decayed, then "Aworo" saw this (bead) in the Orisha's shrine. Aworo was the first to use this bead. This bead is an identity to all qualified priests.

How do you know exactly the solution to your client's problem?

As I said earlier, some people don't understand the Odu Ifa revelations but they are seers, they do see the problem but can't solve them. Whoever understands Ifa such as myself who is an Ifa Olokun Priest - Olokun is also categorized into two. Whoever doesn't understand Odu Ifa gets initiated into the water Ifa Olokun. The water Ifa Olokun Priests are seers. But mine is all about Odu Ifa which does explain the problem at hand. Such as when Ifa is cast and Eji Ogbe is revealed, it means nothing is wrong. Whoever says there is a problem in front of a client who got Eji Ogbe in divination, means such a Babalawo is a scammer. Eji Ogbe means yes to any question forwarded to Ifa.

What if such Ifa is diced the second time and another Odu reveals that contradicts Eji Ogbe?

As I said, Ifa is right and left messages. Take for instance the first hand is Eji Ogbe Then the second is Obara Meji. Eji Ogbe is yes. Then the second cast says Obara. Which talks about the ground, as the question pushed forward to Ifa is life and death.

When one dies, where would the person be buried? (Meaning the person would die and be buried on the ground).

How do you test your charms?

I briefly mentioned it earlier, Take for instance a bulletproof charm is made for a soldier. If we want to be sure the charm would work, we need to buy a goat or dog then tie the charm on it and shoot at it to test the ability of the bulletproof charm. But if it is other types of charm, we do consult Ifa.

Take for instance "Awure Charm" (Charm for selling fast), Awure (charm for selling fast) works differently depending on the person using it. There are about 20 numbers of Awure (charm for selling fast). Ifa guides which one to use for a particular person.

Like some people are not supposed to sleep with certain kinds of women which usually has effects on how charms work.

Is it important for your client to come to you before you solve their problem?

It is not important. But it varies. For instance, a fibroid patient can't be cured by merely transferring the cure via air. But I can send the medicine to such a person via waybill.

Unlike someone who has a case in court, we can send the message through the spirit to attend to it.

How do you attend to people?

When someone calls for Ifa consultation. I charge 5000 Naira, that is, if such a person is not present here physically. After the consultation, Ifa would tell us what to do accordingly either with the use of Ebo, Etutu, or charm. But whoever comes to me one on one, I do charge 1000 Naira for Ifa consultation for such a person.

Do you charge further?

After the consultation, whatever is revealed would determine what to do next such as the cost of materials to use. Your word of advice and how to reach you. I thank God (Olodumare) The One who remakes destinies, for making me come across the team of Get a Better Life TV. People get to know people. You see, we humans don't easily trust each other. I once met someone who didn't know I understand the English language, he used English to abuse me. He made me sign an undertaken before I could make a charm for his wife. But I thank God because I did well for them. I want you to know that you should never give up on your problem until you meet a Babalawo who can solve the problem for you.

I, Adebowale Amoloogun from Agbado-Ekiti Town, for those of you who do not believe in our traditional religion, I want you to know that, when you come across a truthful Babalawo, there is healing here. Whoever has fibroid, asthma, ulcer, diabetics or spiritual attacks, by the special Grace of God not by my power. God does listen to us. You can reach me via my phone numbers. Whoever is telling you that our Traditional healing doesn't exist, it is a big lie. Why I'm so glad now is that many of our graduates are now practicing their father's traditional religion.

Could you please give out one of your powers to the viewers?

I, Adebowale Amoloogun. The secretary of Hunters in Agbado-Ekiti town. I give out this spiritual tip through the founder of "Get a Better Life TV" to all Nigerians and the world at large to benefit from it. My father used to say, one doesn't praise those who die with their spiritual tips. As you make use of it, it shall work for you. Whoever is not progressing in his or her business, such a person should get some palm fruit that fell down from the palm tree themselves. The ripe ones that fell down themselves from the palm tree. The ones an animal or animals has/have eaten from. Like 20 to 30 of them. Grand them to soft with soap, mix them with the soap. In the following morning, get some water and have the soap in your hand. As you are watching your hand with the soap into the water container, you will be saying...

It is where the palm tree ripes birds eat from.

It is where the palm tree ripes animals eat from.

It is where the palm tree ripes humans go to.

Eyes do not miss a tree at the top

Alake goes straight to the main road.

Then you will begin praying that this spot where your shop is, humans both males and females should be coming to patronize me. I, Adebowale am assuring you of this spiritual tip. If it doesn't work, call me and curse me. It is good for those selling things like food. When this is done, that is you've washed your hand into the container with the soap, then begin to split the water on the floor from outside of your shop to the inside of your shop until the water finishes. After 3 days or 4 days, do the same. By the time you do this for like 3 times, you will be seeing how you will be making sales. This is because Otata was the one who first sold before the birds in the bush sold.

How do you cast your Ifa Olokun for your clients?

This is how I consult for my clients: Take for instance myself, whenever I wake up, I check myself. I do ask Olokun if available from time to time. Now I want to ask Olokun if available.

(PRAISING OLOKUN WITH SOME INCANTATIONS - click here to listen to the incantations).

(he throws the cowries on the floor)

As you can see, Orunmila reveals Eji Ogbe. It means Yes. It means available. (He throws them again for confirmation) As you can see, he said the same thing, this is Obara. It says ground, meaning I'm still at home. Obara on the floor, if I don't have charms, I put it on my head. I want to ask about my well-being. He throws the cowries on the floor. It says no death This is Ifa Yes (he throws it again for confirmation) As you can see, this is Eji Ogbe again which is yes meaning there is no problem. If for instance a sick patient is brought to me and the doctor says he or she would die, if it's Eji Ogbe that is revealed, such a patient won't die. This is how I consult for my client.

Can you tell us what some of these charms in your shrine are useful for?

This one is for soldiers. It is a native bulletproof. It is used once a year. We can get a goat to test it. We would give it to the goat to drink then after 30 minutes, we shoot a gun at the goat, water would come out of the gun instead. I can't talk about this one. This one is a love potion. This one is for fibroid. This one is for rheumatism. Also, this one is for the same thing which is caused by excess starch in the body. This is one is a remedy for what Yoruba called Ata. This one dilutes poisons and saves one from dying from poison. And so on.

Pray for those who are watching.

Whoever is watching me, this is my only word to you. Otata sells before any other birds in the bush sell. Wherever you get to, success is yours. (Incantations) [watch the above video to listen to the incantations] Because you know the name of the afternoon, whenever fortune is being distributed in the afternoon, you will get yours. Because, you know the name of the midnight, whenever fortune is being distributed at midnight, you will get yours. Because, you know the name of the moon, whenever fortune is being distributed when it's a full moon, you will get yours. Whenever fortune is being distributed on the road, you will get yours. Ijawo Ijapa is the name of Esu Odara. Esu you are the maker of wealth. All my viewers both males and females, Esu shall provide wealth for you. Whoever is troubling you shall be wrapped by Esu. (incantation) I send Esu Ebita to those wishing you bad to get bad wishes. Whoever is thinking bad of you, oh my Iyami osoronga, suck their blood. Whoever is thinking bad of you, the ground should swallow them. Whatever I say shall come to pass. Thank you.



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