Meet Babalawo in Nigeria, Karimu Adeyemi, as he talks about charms, egbe, Ifa reading, and Ifa initiation.

Meet Babalawo in Nigeria, Karimu Adeyemi, as he talks about charms, egbe, Ifa reading, and Ifa initiation.

Some people still wonder if charms truly exist at all, what do you have to say to this?

Thank you. Powers still exist. Because during the time of our ancestors and up till this moment, commanding charm exists. The reason why we don't want to be making this kind of charm is because of the bad children out there. There is Gbetugbetu, that can be used to catch a thief. Our ancestors used them during their time, though still exist. It can used when arm robbers visit a home to steal, the charm can be used to arrest them. But there are some magicians such as pouring water inside a basket, this is not a charm at all. Magic is different from charms. Such as fetching water in the basket is just a magic trick, not a charm. A tree can be cursed to dry off within 24 hours. Charms still exist right from the time. The reason why we don't want to be releasing them out is because of the scammers.

What did you mean by Abamoda?

Abamoda is like magic. It's a trick to deceive people.

Why isn't the knowledge of charms being passed on, so it doesn't become extinct?

Any child that wish to inherit his/her father's power, he/she must have proved himself/herself to be worthy of the inheritance. These powers are not advisable to die with. Charm spirituality is endless, but before we can handover the power to our child, such a child must be a trusted child. Some of our children cannot be predicted talk less of other people's children, this is the reason why they are fading away.

Your word of prayer.

I, Baba Karimu Adeyemi, Ifa, I pray with the authority of Ose Itura.

(CHANTING IFA - click here to listen).

Ose Itura opened the door for Ejimogbe, up till the 16 major Odu Ifa, by the authority of Ose Itura, all our sorrow should go away. For those of you listening to me, I pray in the name of Ose Itura for everyone, as Ose Itura opened the door for Ejimogbe and all the 16 Major Odu Ifa, I pray that may all the good things and success locate all of you henceforth. Just as how Ose Itura helped the pregnant women to deliver their babies successfully, I pray that whoever is listening to me, I pray that may your problems be solved. Just as how Ose Itura opened the door for Ejimogbe and the 16 Major Odu Ifa, all your spiritual battles would end as from today. As you all know me, my name is Baba Karimu Adeyemi, which people know as Oluwo Abore, I live in Ore at Akintola Akinfolarin Street.

There are some people who do not believe in any spirituality but things are working for them, could you please react to this please?

Hmmm, what I can say to this is that such a situation exists. I said earlier that everything is according to one's destiny, as it has been from the beginning, so shall it be. As it is in this path of Ifa that I'm talking about, likewise, some people won't offer any sacrifice or do charm, regardless of how one can be a traditionalist, everything is according to our destiny. The reason why we need to fortify ourselves is to protect ourselves from any attack from our enemies. Some people destined from heaven in such a way that such a person won't have any difficulties, such a person is destined to be so. Those kinds of people are very rare to find, it is according to one's destiny.

What did you mean by the word "Ori"?

Ori (head) is our destiny from heaven. What we would become on earth has been written down by Olodumare in heaven. Ori (head) is our destiny from heaven.

Could you please tell us about "Egbe" and how can one know that he/she has Egbe?

Both males and females can have Egbe, whoever has Egbe, apart from every other sign, whenever such a person sleeps, he/she would know that he/she has Egbe. Some of the signs are: seeing oneself in the water in a dream, some people are dream gifted, seeing themselves in the water in their dreams or seeing themselves in the midst of children, this sign is proof that such a person is a child of Egbe. Those are some of the signs showing that one has Egbe. Some usually lost their money to their Egbe - they usually experience a loss of money in their pocket. Those are some of the signs showing that one has Egbe.

What is Orisha and how can one know his/her Orisha?

Orisha... When Olodumare created heaven and earth, He created Orishas as well. They are like God's Angels. Like Prophet Moses, Prophet Muhammad. Is how God created these Orishas. God created Ifa, Esu, Ogun, Oya, Obatala, and many others. It was when Olodumare created heaven and earth, He created Orishas as well. How one can know his/her own Orisha, such a person shouldn't choose one for himself/herself, except the person goes to the right person. Like going to the house of an Awo Orunmila to cast Ifa with Ikin for the divination. Ikin Ifa would guide the person on what aligns with his/her destiny, such as the birth Orisha of the person. Orunmila lead the 200 Irunmole to the face of the earth. Orunmila is the most powerful among all these Orishas, all these Orishas are in his care, he is the custodian of all these Orishas. For this reason, only Orunmila can decide the birth Orisha of every one of us according to our destiny.

Please can one choose an Orisha for himself/herself?

One can't choose an Orisha himself/herself. What's the reason? Even though some people just like a particular Orisha, such as Ifa, one shouldn't serve an Orisha because of the love he/she has for the Orisha, because such an Orisha may not align with the person's destiny, it may hinder the person's progress. This is why it is advisable to consult a priest in order to know the Orisha that chooses you in heaven from Olodumare. Ifa chooses these Orishas for people, not what one should just decide upon, whoever decided on it would fail in the process.

What is the difference between Orisha and Egbe?

There are many differences between Orisha and Egbe. Whoever has Egbe must have had it from heaven. Orisha has been in existence since Olodumare created heaven and earth. So the Orisha that is aligned with our destiny is chosen by Ifa. But Egbe is a gift from heaven, such as Egbe Emere is a gift from heaven, though it is possible to get Egbe through greed - by eating from strangers food especially. But Egbe is totally different from Orisha. Whoever accepts an Orisha would be delivered from tribulations. But as for Egbe, if care is not taken, it can lead to an untimely death. Those are the differences.

Is it true that everyone on earth has a spiritual problem? Because whenever Babalawos consults Ifa, there must be at least one problem to reveal.

Thank you. All humans has a certain taboo. This is why some people say this about Ifa that... There is no way Ifa would be cast without a need to offer sacrifice. This is not so. Though whenever an Ifa divination is done, it must demand for sacrifice, but not all Ifa divinations request for sacrifice, we cast Ifa for some people without a need for sacrifice. This is because of the peculiarity in people's destiny. It involves one destiny and the way the person was given birth to. This is connected to an Ifa reading with a Babalawo. Some people are battling with a certain generational curse. Even a wife that doesn't listen to her husband, her children can end up battling with such a curse, up till three generation. Sacrifice is what erase the generational curse. This is why Isese can not be eradicated, because some people may have ended up suffering from a certain generational curse. Ifa is the savior and this is why we call Orunmila the remaker of a bad destiny.

Why did I say this? Whoever visits a Babalawo for an Ifa reading, such a person must definitely find solution to his/her problem by way of offering sacrifice. Meanwhile, not everyone needs sacrifice. What may make one need sacrifice is a generational curse. Some people are cursed from his/her parent, some children don't listen to their parent, meanwhile, there is power in our parents' mouths. Some people are going through problems through their parent, whereas the person's parents had died, these people would go to a Babalawo and do sacrifice but still nothing to show for it. Some curses cannot be erased, the one that comes from one's parent. This are the reasons on the question you asked. But anything outside generational curses from parents, Ifa can deliver the victim through Babalawos that can cast Ifa and offer sacrifice. And a truthful Babalawo, through these, one can be delivered through Orunmila. The most important aspect is to be truthful. Not all of us who are Babalawos are truthful, some people destroy their fellow human's life with Ifa. Maybe by way of scamming people.

This is one of the reasons why many people don't believe in Isese anymore. Many Babalawos behave that way, whereby Ifa goes against them. Whoever is doing that can't live long, because Ifa himself is an Irunmole. Whereas whoever is truthful would be favored by the Irunmoles, whoever does otherwise won't be favored by Ifa. This is why we say Orunmila is a remaker of bad destinies. Orunmila can expose all problems. We don't destroy people with Orunmila. We use Orunmila to remake bad destinies.

(CHANTING - click here to listen).

People who have problems should visit a Babalawo. We were practicing Ifa before these foreign religions came. Ifa was used by our ancestors to make life worth living for themselves. When we abandoned Ifa, things began to go wrong, but whoever follows the path of Orunmila would be successful. This is why we praise Orunmila as the one who remake a bad destiny. That's it. Nothing is difficult for Orunmila.

Some of these Abrahamic Religion followers are seeking for help through Isese, do you think this is normal?

It's not wrong, the reason why it's right is that before the advent of Christianity, our ancestors were originally Isese followers, before the advent of Christianity. Even before the advent of Islam, our ancestors practiced Isese which worked for them. As at that time, things were working perfectly for them. It wasn't a president of the country who enthroned the kings at that time, Ifa used to. Ifa used to choose destinies during the time of our ancestors. It was the reason why things were working perfectly at that time. But when we digressed from our traditional system for the western civilization which gave birth to the Abrahamic Religions, no religion says one shouldn't practice Isese, practicing Isese is not a crime, it enables one to be successful.

Can everybody learn Ifa?

Ifa Orunmila... Not everybody can learn it. Why? All of us can not be masquerades. As you know that Egungun is an Orisha, all of us cannot learn Ifa. If all of us learn Ifa, who would answer Eppa? If all of us are Egungun, who would be Egungun followers? It is not possible for all of us to learn Ifa. It is not possible for all of us to be initiated into Ifa. Ifa all of us get initiated into Ifa, who is going to be Atona?

Could you please tell us the benefits of Ifa Initiation?

The benefits of Ifa Initiation which happens for 7 days and night, because the truthful priests are not many. When someone wants to be initiated into Ifa, and such a person wants the Ifa to be favorable, it must be 7 night and 7 days. The benefits of Ifa Initiation are many, because it's what is feeding me. Ifa is a helper, for protection and upliftment, for deliverance on one's family and friends is what Ifa meant for even though one is initiated into Ifa without practicing it. When such a person appeases the Ifa truthfully often, all the belongings of such a person would be under the protection of Ifa, because it is where Witches and Wizards feed from. Whereas wherever they feed from is safe from tribulations, they would definitely be happy with the person and allow the person to be achieving whatever he/she wants to achieve. Those are the benefits of Ifa Initiation.

What is the process of Ifa Initiation?

Thank you. Whoever wants to be initiated into Ifa, Ifa is not hard to get, may God bless all of us. One's head leads one to a good priest, when such a person meets with a good Babalawo, such a Babalawo would guide the person. The first thing to get initiated is to first of all go to a Babalawo who can cast Ifa and who can offer sacrifice, such a Babalawo needs at least other practicing Babalawos like 3. Among these Babalawos, Ifa would choose the particular one that would give the Ifa for the person successfully. Consultation must be made to know the particular Babalawo to do the initiation. This is the first thing to do before the Ifa initiation in Igbodu. So when the Babalawo is known, the person would take a bottle of Gin and kola nut to the Babalawo for prayers for the person to get the money for the full initiation. So the Babalawo needs to first of all pray for the person. When this is done, this indicates that the person has entered the house of Awo, whereby no one enters Orunmila's house then regret it. That is for those who truthfully practice it. The day the person would enter the house of Ifa is when Ikin Ifa would be initiated.

After this, the Ikin Ifa would be washed with some sacred leaves. Meanwhile, Ifa Reading would be done for the right person to wash the Ikin Ifa. Ifa Reading is needed to know what to do including where to use as Igbodu and the right Babalawos to participate. This would enable the Ifa Initiation to be fruitful. That is how we go about Ifa Initiation.

Please who are the Ejigbona?

Ejigbona gives helping hand to the Babalawo. Likewise there is Akonilogbon who would be the Ifa tutorial master for the person. Likewise there is Iyanifa. Iyanifa is the person to carry the Ifa to Igbodu on the night when the Ifa would be taken to Igbodu.



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